Robert F. Service

Robert (Bob) writes about chemistry and materials science, delving into topics ranging from solar energy and fuel cells to proteomics and artificial bone.

Bob majored in psychology and international studies at the University of Oregon. From there he moved on to work on a research project at Oregon Health 大发888娱乐体育s University. After a short stint in research, Bob decided he preferred writing about research to actually carrying it out. So it was off to New York University, where he earned a masters degree in journalism at the school’s 大发888娱乐体育 and Environmental Reporting Program.

In the early 1990s, Bob reported for 大发888娱乐体育week, where he covered science and business. In 1994, he moved to Washington, D.C., to join 大发888娱乐体育. In 1999, he moved to Portland, Oregon, and now helps cover scientific institutions in the western United States. His articles have also appeared in Scientific American and Technology Review, among other publications.

Robert F. Service

Bob is a news reporter for 大发888娱乐体育 in Portland, Oregon,?covering chemistry, materials science, and energy stories.

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